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Why Do Disc Herniations Occur?

Ask anyone who has gone through the recovery from a major spinal disc injury and they will tell you that they would have done everything in their power to prevent it, if only they could go back in time. A strong, healthy back allows you to play with your kids, play golf, go for a…

Poor Posture? How To Stretch Your Neck: Part 2

Now that we have discussed (in Part 1) a routine for stretching your neck within the normal ranges of motion, we can now get more specific.  In this article, I’d like to talk about two muscles that I commonly need to prescribe stretches for.  Remember, this does not address every individual.  Please talk to your…

Neck Pain? How To Stretch Your Neck: Part 1

Neck pain? How To Stretch Your Neck: Part 1 In this series of articles we will discuss some of the most common stretches I give to my patients with neck pain or headaches.  We will begin with the most basic range of motion stretches.  These are the building blocks towards improved mobility of the neck….