Golf in Winnipeg This Weekend!

Yes, Winnipeg, it is true. It is mid-March and golf courses are opening up already. Here are some of the Winnipeg and Manitoba golf courses that are open this weekend:

John Blumberg
Fantasy Lake Golf Course
The Winnipeg Canoe Club

Swing Into Spring – Tips from Balance

Warm up and cool down

A great way to increase your performance and decrease the risk of injury is to incorporate a warm up and cool down session into your routine. The warm up will activate and stretch muscles and joints, preparing your body for what it is about to do. The cool down will assist with returning your body to a resting state. For a more detailed routine, please contact our office.

Keep hydrated

While some refreshments are more common on the golf course, they quickly assist in the process of dehydration. Remember to keep hydrated by drinking water prior to hitting the course as well as throughout the day. Sports drinks can also be beneficial to restore electrolytes, replenish fluid levels and maintain energy levels.

Lighten your load

Using a push cart will not only save your back, it will keep you loose and conserve energy, keeping those strokes from adding up. If you choose to carry your clubs consider using a bag that has double straps to disperse the weight evenly and prevent strain from occurring. Another option is to use a power cart. It will allow the rest and recovery between swings and help you to play at the top of your game.

A strong game starts at the base

Always remember to wear supportive golf shoes or transfer your orthotics to your golf shoes. This will not only provide added comfort and shock absorption,  it will keep your body in alignment allowing proper swing mechanics.

In summary: good hydration, good shoes, and stretch often

Here are some commonly prescribed stretches:

Shoulder External Rotation – put banding behind back and hold in one hand at one hip, keeping opposite elbow close to body with other end of banding in hand then rotate hand out, do 10 per arm.

Wood Choppers – put banding under one foot, hold other end in both hands, with arms completely straight, pull from foot straight up to opposite shoulder and into the air like a golf swing, do 10 per side.

Band Pulls – hold arms straight out in front of you holding one end of the banding in each hand, pull band straight out at shoulder height, do 20 repetitions.

Band Squats – put band under both feet, hold ends of banding in each hand, squat down with knees over toes and chest over feet, do 20 repetitions.

747’s – standing on one foot, other foot behind your body, reach down and try to touch the ground without falling over like you were picking up your golf ball, do this 10 times per leg.

Please keep in mind that these exercises should not be performed without first discussing with your health care provider, as these exercises may not be appropriate for certain conditions.

We have more posts on stretching! You can find a post about stretching your neck here (and part 2 and 3) and stretching your low back here.


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