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morning_golf_1Golf season is here again! Reserve your tee time here  !  Here we’ve comprised some tips and resources to help you have a full, satisfying golf season.  You can also check out our older golf posts here and here. In these older posts we discuss the importance of warming up, cooling down and suggest some great exercises to punch up your golf game. In this post we’ll discuss some great drills and tips to improve technique.

Make Solid Contact teegolf s You know that really satisfying “twack” that happens when your club hits the ball perfectly? Well you can have that every time by improving your ballstrike with this “centeredness of contact drill” from Golf Tips Magazine. Line up three golf balls perpendicular to your target, with the centre ball being the one you intend to hit. The other two balls act as guides to encourage you to make contact with your ball right at the centre of the face of your club. The outer two balls should not have moved once your shot has been completed. Having better club to ball contact makes your shots more accurate and predictable.

Avoid the Shame of a Mis-hit A steep back swing will result in an awkward ball strike that will cause the ball to pop up in front of you, embarrassing!  By creating a shallower back swing you can discourage the ball from popping up rather than soaring away. Often, this problem is often caused by excessive forward weight shift (as discussed in the Stop the Pop article from Golf Tips Magazine) and can be combated simply by widening your stance. Golf Tips Magazine suggests this drill to familiarize yourself with the shallow back swing:

“Make abbreviated swings with your feet placed wider than shoulder width. Each swing should move from 2:00 to 8:00 (as if a large clock sits behind you). Concentrate on maintaining a higher position at the top of your swing (hands at 2:00) and a lower position at the finish (hands at 8:00). This will train your body to make a fuller backswing and shift your weight to your back foot on the backswing and to your forward foot on the downswing, instead of the other way around.”

 Just starting to get into golf? Here is a quick article about these three common newbie mistakes (and how to improve them):

  • over-swinging
  • overusing the legs
  • losing leverage at the top of the swing

Check out these other website for more great tips!

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