What is Athletic Therapy?

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Did You Know: Athletic therapy treatment is covered by Manitoba Public Insurance, Worker’s Compensation Board and most major insurance companies

You don’t need to be a professional athlete to take advantage of the unparalleled care an athletic therapist provides! Wear and tear on our bodies does not always have to be the result of sports; yard work, fitness classes, playtime with the kids, work (even office work!), sleeping position and summertime activities can all take their toll on us.

What Is an Athletic Therapist?

Athletic Therapists are professionals dedicated to the prevention and care of musculoskeletal injuries for active Canadians. Focusing on prevention, immediate care and ongoing rehabilitation of injuries, they provide specialized treatment plans that will allow their clients to get back to work or play. Through active rehabilitation, Athletic Therapists provide a hands-on approach to health, utilizing the most advanced forms of evidence-based rehabilitation. Exercises and stretches are provided to empower their clients to take charge of their own long term health. An Athletic Therapist aims to help maximize performance and encourages individuals to enjoy their active lifestyle.

Where do Athletic Therapists work?

Athletic therapists can work with high school, university, national and professional sports teams and individual athletes as well as in private clinics like ours. Balance Chiropractic & Wellness Centre is proud to have Christine Johnston Heise and Alyssa Reagh as part of our team. They specialize in post-surgical treatments and back to work/play rehabilitation, while educating others about injury prevention, health and fitness. Their services include:

  • Athletic Therapy Assessment
  • Athletic Therapy Treatment
  • Post Injury Rehabilitation
  • Return to Performance Strengthening
  • Pre Surgical Strengthening
  • Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Athletic therapy uses a variety of different techniques like manual therapy and ultrasound to heal your injuries, but relying solely on your clinic appointments will delay and often impede any healing. Your athletic therapist will often prescribe stretches, exercises, hydration  and icing to prolong the effects of treatment and encourage quicker, better healing.


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