Winter Exercises

December 2015 – By Athletic Therapist Alyssa Reagh

The winter season has officially arrived!  With the snow falling, shovelling season and unpredictable weather conditions have begun.  There are many ways injuries can be prevented during this time of year; such as, performing strengthening exercises, stretching, and proper shovelling technique.

It is important to lift the shovel using your legs and avoid using an aggressive twisting motion in your back.  Performing core stability exercises prior to outdoor activities will help prevent possible injuries from occurring.  Here is an example of a core stabilizing exercise. The Hip Bridge: while lying on your back with your knees bent, lift your hips off the ground until you have achieved a diagonal line from knees to shoulders and hold for a few seconds.  This motion can be done 10 times in a row with a 30 second break between sets and repeat twice more for a total of 3 sets. bridges

In addition to performing strengthening exercises, it is advisable to wear good shoes or boots with proper grip to avoid slipping and falling during these icy times.  Balance exercises are vital in training the body to respond quickly if a slip occurs in order to prevent falling.  An example of a balance exercise is The Stork Stand: a one leg standing hold for 30 seconds, repeat three times on each leg. If that is not challenging enough, try closing your eyes!  Make sure to stand near a wall for support in case you lose your balance.

Athletic Therapy can help provide treatment for pain and injuries as well as offer preventative exercises and strategies to avoid injuries.  Did you know Athletic Therapy is covered under Manitoba Public Insurance? If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident with the unpredictable winter weather conditions, we can help!  The holiday season is a very busy time and we hope everyone can enjoy it happy, healthy, and injury and pain free!

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